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Laptop and Tablet Contracts for Blacklisted People

Laptop ContractLaptop and Tablet Contracts for Blacklisted People are now available.Wheather you are looking for the latest and trendy Galaxy Tab or even iPad, we are able to help. Are you blacklisted and Need a blacklisted laptop or tablet contract ?Being blacklisted or having a bad credit record should not stop you from having a laptop contract.Click here to apply for a Laptop Contract or tablet If you have then you know how frustrating this can get, especially if you need that cellular contract pretty bad. What’s worse is if you are being rejected because the operator or network provider has already blacklisted your name.

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Get the latest apple or samsung tablet online now.Look no further, we offer cellphone contracts to people who are blacklisted or have a bad credit record. Minimum requirements are: For a top up contract – min salary is R1500pm and for a normal contract – R2500pm.

Free Sim, Connection and delivery and no documents needed. We have the most porpolar brands, ipads for blacklisted, samsung tablets for blacklisted, toshiba, acer and appple. Apply Online Now